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Some of my best friends are dildos!

My dildo friends

Yes you heard right, some of my best friends are dildos! In the coming paragraphs I’ll try to explain my dildo fetish. However before you ask, ‘No, I’m not an estranged cat loving spinster’.

dildos and dongsIn our time-starved modern world finding opportunities to relax, unwind and be sexually intimate with our loved ones can be an increasingly illusive situation.  Agreed calendar events for sexual encounters soon become stale and continually receiving knockbacks when reaching out to your partner can be very frustrating. Enter the dildo! An object of my affection that is always up for the task at hand, always willing and always hard. Sure you can say that any sex toy could play this role but for me there is no other sex toy more erotic, tactile, or more personable as a dildo.

The personality of a dildo

I have found that the personification of a dildo is intrinsic to our relationship, (hell, I’ve given some of them names). Trusty pal, special friend and partner in crime are all ways in which I like to think of my dildos. It is this feeling of familiarity, closeness and companionship that assists in not only to get the job done but even to explore beyond existing sexual boundaries. I must also admit I still find dildos themselves to be such an erotic object (they are literally an engorged sexual organ ready to engage with you).

Sharing is caring

My beloved dildos are certainly on board with sharing. Introducing a dildo or two into the bedroom play has certainly opened up a few pleasurable doors for me. The dildo does not get jealous of receiving more attention than your partner and has never yet been a no show due to other commitments. Of course always being up for action makes sexual performance a non issue. Our friends with benefits are now firmly a staple component in our marital sexual diet.

Wander through the sexEstore selection of dildo and dongs that is available and you will discover an amazing array of shapes, sizes, colours and types. Circumcised, Uncircumcised, Realistic, HUGE, Veins, Pierced, Double ended, Vibrating, Ejaculating and even blue ones can be found. At least one dildo or dong is sure to tick all your required boxes when choosing your new best friend!

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