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Reset Your Sex Life Sex With 8 Easy Tips

Reset Your Sex Life Sex With 8 Easy Tips

If you’re partnered and stuck in a sexual rut, you’re certainly not alone. While dry spells are a perfectly normal part of any healthy relationship, it’s still no consolation for couples experiencing one. Here are some easy tips to help regenerate the passion if your sex life. 1. Rediscover your own physical body Go dancing [Read more…]

Wicked Flavoured Lube

Wicked Flavoured Lube

I have to say it was simply a pleasure and a whole lot of fun to review the newest range of flavoured personal lubricant from ‘Wicked Sensual’. Flavoured lubes are certainly not anything new or ground breaking however the exquisite taste sensations offered up by Wicked within this range really push the boundaries. At times [Read more…]

How To Clean My Sex Toys?

How to clean my sex toys

One question we get a lot is, “How should I clean my sex toys?”. It is actually a very good question and surprisingly not as straight forward as you would initially think. When you consider the hazards of not cleaning your toys, using the wrong type of lube or storing them incorrectly which can lead [Read more…]

The Popular Sex Toys

Popular sex toys

Any conversation in regards to your favourite sex toy is generally kept under the covers or takes place as a quiet chat between lovers or best friends. As this pillow talk is not often shared we have done our research and crunched the data in order to answer the questions of where and what sex [Read more…]

Sex, How Often Is Often Enough?

Have our sex lives become just another mundane statistic in our modern fast paced lives? Am I getting enough? Am I performing well enough in bed or am I having the right type of sex? These are all common questions that couples and singles ask themselves every day. To address these questions we first need to ask [Read more…]

Bondage is Bigger Than Ever

Bondage gear - Renegade

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ took the world by storm, selling over a hundred million books worldwide, while the movie produced a box office success raking in over half a billion dollars globally. It introduced our mild mannered love lives to the exciting and sensuous adult playground that is bondage with tremendous potency. Now with the sequel ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ upon [Read more…]

Daddy’s Home!

Strap on dildo

Let’s face it. Everybody somewhere, sometime, has imagined themselves spending some personal time with that quintessential well-hung ‘Big Daddy’ figure. In actual fact, for the majority of us the intimate encounter with a well-endowed fatherly figure is quite a common sexual fantasy. Indeed a lesser proportion of us even take this itch to another level with the fantasy occupying much of our sexual [Read more…]

Easter Rabbits

Rabbit Vibrators

Make your Easter this year taste and feel great with the inclusion of a rabbit vibrator into your Easter basket. These vibrating Easter bunnies will provide you with feel good vibes and shall still be around to deliver their amazing personal pleasures long after all the chocolate has been eaten. Rabbit Vibrators With no added [Read more…]

The Cock Ring Workout

PerfectFit cock ring kit

Many of us spend much time, effort and money on gym equipment and/or memberships in an effort to grow, enhance and harden our muscles. Well, that is usually every muscle but one! The PerfectFit Play Zone cock ring kit can be considered the home gym for your love muscle. It’s everything you need to exercise, [Read more…]

Why You Should Masturbate Tonight

Masturbation Health Benefits

We’ve all heard the rumors that too much masturbation will give you hairy palms or make you go blind. In actual fact these medieval wives tales could not be further from the truth. Scientific study has proven that masturbating is not only 100% safe while giving instant sexual satisfaction but also delivers some amazing health benefits to [Read more…]

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