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With the arrival of August we are still very much in the chilly grips of winter. Low temperatures and rainy days keep us indoors and rugged up to stay warm. Of course there is no better way of beating the winter blues than purchasing a fantastic sexEstore sex toy. Curling up under the covers (whether alone or [Read more…]

Ins and outs of prostate massaging

Ins and outs of prostate massaging

In today’s world of love making our own personal experiences and sexual wellness are now topics we openly talk about. One subject that seems to be on everybody’s lips at the moment is P-Spot massaging. Anal Play has moved into the mainstream and now everybody wants to acheive that amazing P-Spot orgasm. With our increasing liberal sexual appetites Anal Play has [Read more…]

Your Guide To Sex Whips And Paddles

sex whips and paddles

Getting Slap Happy With the embracing of bondage play into mainstream sexual practices over recent years Sex Whips and Paddles have become common place in many of our bedrooms. Your aim might be to impart some teasing pain during a sexy spanking session or to simply feather your partner during role play producing spontaneous laughter and new exciting experiences together. [Read more…]

Some of my best friends are dildos!

My dildo friends

Yes you heard right, some of my best friends are dildos! In the coming paragraphs I’ll try to explain my dildo fetish. However before you ask, ‘No, I’m not an estranged cat loving spinster’. In our time-starved modern world finding opportunities to relax, unwind and be sexually intimate with our loved ones can be an increasingly illusive [Read more…]

Which Sex Toy Should I Choose?

which sex toy should i choose

Millions of sex toys are sold globally every year, however deciding on one from the enormous available range can be a mind boggling experience. There are literally thousands of sex toys on offer and all suggest they will bring you amazing orgasms and sexual pleasure. Some are quite simple in their design and do not require too much [Read more…]

Rev up with Rechargeable Vibrators

rechargeable vibrators

Rechargeable sex toys in particular vibrators are most certainly the top of the personal product range right now. Fantastic design principles, ergonomics and quality construction have all been incorporated beautifully together and fit perfectly with rechargeable technologies such as USB. Rabbit, Traditional, G-Spot, Clitoral and even Bullets are all available in the rechargeable vibrator range with over 250 [Read more…]

The world of c-rings

cock rings

Gone are the days when the c-ring was used primarily for increasing sexual performance and endurance. Today the range of c-rings are also available in many exciting shapes, sizes, materials and types. Wearing a cock ring can feel amazing and will help to keep you strong and hard during sex. Achieving a lasting throbbing erection allows you to participate in [Read more…]

Sex Toys in Wonderland

doc johnson wonderland sex toys range

The well known phrase, ‘Down the rabbit hole’, never had such pleasurable connotations before. The Wonderland range of sex toys from Doc Johnson has been inspired from the iconic story book and are ready to take you exploring on your own intimate adventures. The packaging is creatively luxurious and the first indication of the high quality of [Read more…]

Sex Toy Design And Innovation

sex toy design and innovation

As you can imagine by being in the industry we have had many sex toys land on the sexEstore office desk. I can also admit that despite being immersed in sex toys we are still regularly pleased and surprised with the climbing level of sex toy design and innovation that consistently presents itself to us. [Read more…]

Role play is the best way!

sexy role play

Traditional role play allows you to adopt another person’s character, actions or attitudes in a pretend scenario in order to recognise their viewpoint. Yawn. Sexual role play allows you to do the same thing – erotically!  Yay!! What is sexual role play? Sexual role play can be a means to overcome sexual inhibitions by acting [Read more…]

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