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Penis Sleeves – Add inches on demand

Penis sleeves and extensions

These days penis sleeves come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and functions. They can bring a whole lot of extra fun and pleasure to your love making as well as the all important inches. Penis sleeves are generally thought of as a sex tool to assist men with smaller than average penises to [Read more…]

The Bare Essentials

The bare essentials - mens underwear

With the amazing success of our women’s lingerie line sexEstore has just added a sexy range of Men’s Underwear to the line up. We call it the Bare Essentials! Whether you’re buying for yourself or your partner there is no denying the role that underwear plays in our romantic lives. Men’s underwear has the ability [Read more…]

King of the Dildos

king cock dildos

With the world of dildos and dongs so populated and competitive it’s always been a difficult task to choose a clear leader from the crowd; that is until now. A stand out range of dual density dildos and dongs from the king of American-made rubber, King Cock – Pipedream have firmly filled that tight sought after spot. [Read more…]

Sex Toy Materials 101

sex toy materials 101

With so many sex toy varieties available out there it’s easy to simply buy an item based solely on its price and/or packaging. However one of the most important elements to consider when buying your new best friend is what material is the toy made of? To explain why this is important you firstly need [Read more…]

The Low down on Lube

the low down on lube - personal lubricant

With so many personal lubricant options available it can be quite the slippery conundrum when trying to decide which lube is right for you. SexEstore run through each different type and give you the low down on personal lubricant. Trying to figure out if this lube is compatible to use with those toys or condoms really doesn’t add to the passion of that sexy [Read more…]

The tools of Gladiators


What do you get when you combine a vibrating cock ring, penis sheath, perennial massager and throw in a wireless remote control? A mind blowing amazing sexual experience is the answer! The Gladiator from Adrien Lastic The Gladiator Sleeve is the latest and the greatest pleasure toy from the renown Adrien Lastic sex toy manufacturers. [Read more…]

History or Hysteria of the vibrator

history of the vibrator

Did you know that the forerunner of today’s modern vibrator was invented to help alleviate a medical condition afflicting women called “hysteria”? Prior to the 20th century female patients who consulted their doctor with symptoms that included nervousness, sleeplessness, anxiety and irritability (to name a few) were diagnosed as suffering with the medical condition “hysteria” [Read more…]

FREE Delivery + sexEstore Mystery Gift

free gift delivery

With the arrival of August we are still very much in the chilly grips of winter. Low temperatures and rainy days keep us indoors and rugged up to stay warm. Of course there is no better way of beating the winter blues than purchasing a fantastic sexEstore sex toy. Curling up under the covers (whether alone or [Read more…]

Ins and outs of prostate massaging

Ins and outs of prostate massaging

In today’s world of love making our own personal experiences and sexual wellness are now topics we openly talk about. One subject that seems to be on everybody’s lips at the moment is P-Spot massaging. Anal Play has moved into the mainstream and now everybody wants to acheive that amazing P-Spot orgasm. With our increasing liberal sexual appetites Anal Play has [Read more…]

Your Guide To Sex Whips And Paddles

sex whips and paddles

With the embracing of bondage play into mainstream sexual practices over recent years Sex Whips and Paddles have become common place in many of our bedrooms. Your aim might be to impart some teasing pain during a sexy spanking session or to simply feather your partner during role play producing spontaneous laughter and new exciting experiences together. Either way whips, [Read more…]

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