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Sex Toys in Wonderland

doc johnson wonderland sex toys range

The well known phrase, ‘Down the rabbit hole’, never had such pleasurable connotations before. The Wonderland range of sex toys from Doc Johnson has been inspired from the iconic story book and are ready to take you exploring on your own intimate adventures. The packaging is creatively luxurious and the first indication of the high quality of [Read more…]

Sex Toy Design And Innovation

sex toy design and innovation

As you can imagine by being in the industry we have had many sex toys land on the sexEstore office desk. I can also admit that despite being immersed in sex toys we are still regularly pleased and surprised with the climbing level of sex toy design and innovation that consistently presents itself to us. [Read more…]

Role play is the best way!

sexy role play

Traditional role play allows you to adopt another person’s character, actions or attitudes in a pretend scenario in order to recognise their viewpoint. Yawn. Sexual role play allows you to do the same thing – erotically!  Yay!! What is sexual role play? Sexual role play can be a means to overcome sexual inhibitions by acting [Read more…]

Food and sex. Be a little rude with your food!

sex food

Food, glorious food. Yes, we need food to sustain life. But more than that, our senses our heightened as we indulge our palates in the wonderful flavours, textures and aromas that food has to offer. So what could be more euphoric than food? When you combine food and sex of course! Here are some tasty [Read more…]

Glass is class, ceramic is dynamic

ceramic sex toys

They’re the epitome of cool. They’re sublimely beautiful, artistic and above all fully functional. Glass and ceramic sex toys are not only fit-for-purpose but look great and feel magnificent to use too! Solid glass sex toys are waterproof and can be safely used in the bath or shower. They are usually made of Pyrex or [Read more…]

SEXPO – Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo


Last weekend saw Sydney host Sexpo – the Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Expo. So what was this event all about? Sexpo isn’t just about sex – it’s an adult exhibition which celebrates all lifestyles and sexualities. For those who like to shop there were hundreds of exhibitors offering sex toys, health and beauty products, show [Read more…]

Newsflash. Sex is good for you!

Sex is good for you

Not only is sex fun – it’s healthy! If you enjoy an active sex life you’re less likely to die during that time than those who don’t. Regular sexual activity (with or without sex toys!) is beneficial to your health in many ways. Have a heart Regular sex increases your circulation by releasing feel-good hormones [Read more…]

Rubber Dub Dub. A Condom Conversation

We know what a condom is, right? A sheath-like covering of thin rubber worn on the penis or in the vagina. We know why we use them, don’t we?  To prevent conception or infection during sexual intercourse. Then why do as many as three out of four people use them incorrectly? Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy [Read more…]

What sex toys do I want? Good vibrations!

good vibrations sex toys

Let’s face it. The range of adult sex toys out there is mind-boggling. To make things a bit easier this blog will concentrate on the various types of vibrators that are available for your erotic pleasure. Let’s begin… Anal Stimulators/ Butt Plug Designed for anal use with either a flared base or a long handle [Read more…]

Ted Cruz Defended a Ban on Sex Toys!

ted cruz sex toy ban

Shock! Horror! Gasp! sexEstore can reveal from a recent Mother Jones Magazine report that in 2007 current Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz argued in a court brief that individuals have no legal right to use sex toys, even in the privacy of their own bedrooms. U.S. senator Cruz was Texas solicitor general for over five years [Read more…]

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