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cock rings

Gone are the days when the c-ring was used primarily for increasing sexual performance and endurance. Today the range of c-rings are also available in many exciting shapes, sizes, materials and types.

Wearing a cock ring can feel amazing and will help to keep you strong and hard during sex. Achieving a lasting throbbing erection allows you to participate in longer sex sessions.  Many individuals report much more powerful orgasms while using cock rings.

Today sex toy designers have incorporated many new concepts and variations into the humble cock ring including vibrating, clitoral simulating, cock cages, ball stretching, ball encasing, anal exploring and cock enlarging. The use of different materials includes silicone, leather and metal with each material possessing their own feel, texture and weight. These attributes can produce a vastly different feeling and sexual experience to one another. This innovation in design has led to produce an amazing line up of cock rings to choose from.

If you are seeking some everlasting confidence, a new experience, a couples toy, a sex tech hit or some substantial solo fun then take a good look at the range of cock rings on offer in the sexEstore.
vibrating cock ring

Vibrating cock rings

Add a little vibration to a cock ring and you are in for a whole new orgasmic experience. Not only will it help you to maintain a rock hard erection but also introduces vibes of pleasure direct to your cock. Vibrating cock rings come in a variety of types including standard rings, cock and ball rings, cock cages and clitoral stimulators. All of them will turn your cock into a vibrating pleasure rod ready to place anywhere you choose. Orgasmic fun both solo and with intimate friends.

Clitoral stimulating cock rings

Cock rings are now a sex toy that couples can enjoy and even purchase together. Introduce a pair of bunny ears to a vibrating cock ring and you now wield an irresistible and stimulating force with your cock. Where ever you poke your pulsating pleasure wand it will unleash its amazing vibes right where they are needed and help you both to achieve amazing orgasms.

cock cages cock ringCock cages

Why limit the vibrating pleasure to the base of your cock when you can encase your entire member. The cock cages achieve superior staying power and practically turns your cock into a full length vibrator. You will enjoy vibrating sensations that surround a vast proportion of your cock while you partner feels them both inside and out. Cock cages can help you to achieve heightened pleasures both solo and with a partner.

Ball stretching cock rings

A personal favorite of ours is the ball stretching cock rings. A unanimous show of hands around the sexEstore office when we posed the question. “Who enjoys receiving attention to their balls during sex?”. The ball stretching cock rings will not only tug at your love sack but also draw attention to them while positioning them nicely for play. Whether you appreciate a bit of tug, tap or tongue attention these cock rings can be a whole lot of fun.

Anal Exploring cock rings

Cock rings that combine two of man’s favourite sensations into one amazing performance ring. If you appreciate a good perennial massage and backdoor pleasure prodding these cock rings are awesome. With all your erogenous zones taken care of the never ending vibes will have your eyes rolling pleasure.

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