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Ever wanted to find out what all the fuss is about and try some bondage? Well now is the perfect time to get kitted out with the quality Nubuck Leather bondage gear from Bound that has just arrived in the sexEstore. The global success of Fifty Shades of Grey clearly shows that our appetite for bondage is abundant. Bondage sex play (aka BDSM) whether it be light or immersive is common in many of our bedrooms and its wave of popularity continues to gain momentum in mainstream culture.

Bondage comes in many forms spanning silly to serious and is more about increasing pleasure and excitement than pain. To get started with bondage you will however need some basic equipment of your choosing. Today we are showcasing the awesome Nubuck Leather range from ‘Bound’ which is a great choice that combines traditional design with superior quality. Due to the physical nature of bondage quality is an important factor when selecting gear (there’s nothing fun about poor quality gear breaking just as things start to heat up).

cuffs and collarsCuffs and Collars

The most common and perhaps a staple ingredient for that sexy bondage session are the cuffs and/or collar restraints. For many of us much of the fun and enjoyment of bondage comes from lovingly strapping in your partner ensuring all devices are correctly and comfortably fitted while others it is the sense of control (or being controlled). The nubuck leather cuffs from Bound incorporate quality metal buckles, rings and clasps and are available in wrist (pictured), ankle and neck types allowing for a full bodied bondage experience.

Beginners should just start with the wrist options at first and as you grow in confidence can include the ankle and neck types too. All restraints can be connected together to acheive your desired positions (an infinite array of bondage positions can be sourced easily by searching the net). Complimentary components can be added to your set up such as hogties and leashes to fully explore the BDSM role playing experience.

Whips and PaddlesWhips and Paddles

Some may steer away from whips and or paddles thinking they are strictly for the advanced bondage punter however this is not the case and they are essentially whatever you want them to be. They may be just for show, a tickle here and a tickle there or perhaps a few quick well timed strokes; either way it’s toy for you to use as much or as little as you wish. Most people find them immensely fun to use.

Bound offers up an excellent flat leather paddle that would produce a loud ‘Thwack’ when used (its use is more about producing sound rather than sensation). Also available is a standard cat of nine tails type whip (pictured). A great whip that can be used to tease, tantalize and tickle your partner to their hearts delight.

There are of course many sharper tools for you to choose from (available in the sexEstore) should your requirements be more about sensation than silliness. It’s always entirely up to you.

Bondage MasksMasks

Masks are a simple yet amazing and quintessential sex tool that can be found in many role play genres but none more so than bondage. The simple act of quickly and easily donning a mask assists us to embrace the role play activity we have embarked upon and helps our imaginations run free. Lets face it no self respecting super hero in or out of the bedroom should be without one.

A blind fold type mask like the one from Bound (pictured) has to ability to significantly transform a situation. Blindfold type masks deprive the wearer of sight and can exponentially increase sexual anticipation. Just imagine being completely unaware where and when the next sexy tickle or touch is coming from.

Mouth Gags

Stepping up the bondage ladder a little higher and we encounter mouth gags. These are essentially a strap on oral device that will mute it’s wearer and tends to explore the Bound and Domination aspects of BDSM a little bit more.

Again a sex tool some feel is more suited to the more experienced bondage punter however having a comfortable and suck-able object in your mouth while love making is actually quite a pleasant activity. Your neighbors may even applaud your leap of faith as they tend to muffle the pleasure groans and grunts I’m sure you probably didn’t even know you emit.

Perhaps best placed in the intermediate and up bondage category mouth gags work wonderfully well in combination with restraints and blindfolds to achieve that full body bondage experience.

Whatever bondage gear you choose to bring into your bedroom and incorporate into your love making routines we are certain you will be in for a whole lot of fun and excitement. There are many facets of bondage to explore allowing you great scope as you discover the play that is right for you and your lover.

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  1. BernieBB says:

    Nice gear! Looks strong and well made. Now just gotta decide which pieces I want 🙂

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