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10 ways to Sex’E’ up your love life

10 ways to Sex’E’ up your love life

As a married individual, I’m the first to admit that the passion eventually fades. You and your loved one can find yourself falling into a comfortable routine. Although routines can be great they can also lead to boredom. What happened to that hot, spontaneous sex you used to have? Why don’t you rip each others clothes off on the living room floor anymore?

If these questions sound familiar, you’re not alone. Couples everywhere experience a sexual slump now and then. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to sex’E’ up your relationship including the 10 ideas below.

Use Toys in the Bedroom

Take a sex toy or three to bed. Whether it be a dildo, vibrator, blindfold or massage oil it doesn’t matter. Keeping toys close to the bed is an excellent way to introduce them into your adult routine. Using sex toys are an instant way to sex’E’ up your love life & can exponentially amplify your sexual pleasure. Your use of sex toys will also lead to natural conversations that create pathways to new sexual experiences together. Start sex toy shopping now!

Pleased to meet you

You and your partner agree to meet in a public place (perhaps a bar), but you pretend you don’t know each other & proceed to pick one another up. You can play this game as yourselves, pretend you’re having a sexy affair or be someone completely different all together. This game can be amazing fun!

Dress it up sex’E’ style

You two have seen everything there is to see about each other including one another in your old robes. Why not dress up in sexy lingerie or underwear & see how much fun there is to be had. Make a point of dressing sexy both in & out of the bedroom once a month. It makes the undressing & foreplay so much more fun. You can check out the sexEstore range of lingerie here.

New position

Missionary position is great, but why not try something else & literally turn your sexual routine on its head. There are tons of free apps that you can download that should you wish will guide you through the entire Karma Sutra. (Perhaps stick to something that won’t break anything, but above have fun with it).

Discover your fetish

I think everyone of us has at least one undiscovered fetish to discover. Leather, feet, nipple clamps or perhaps a spot of bondage. Find out what turns your partner on & use it your advantage. You’ll both be squealing with delight in no time.

Sexting one another

Do you text your partner only to pick up some milk on the way home? Sexting can be as innocent or as hot & heavy as you want it to be. With all smart phones now sporting cameras, sexting can be taken to an entirely new level but I’ll leave that to your sexy imaginations. An easy and fun way to build sexual anticipation.

Start dating again

No I’m not asking you to be have a saucy affair (well not unless it’s on your bucket list) but dating keeps romance alive. This is especially true if you have a family. Schedule in some time (a sitter if needed) & make room for some sex’E’ time at least once a month. Get dressed up & go someplace nice & add to the memories you made before you settled down.

Try sex in different places

Get a room, no one ever said which room! Some of the best places to have sex include: the stairs, the shower, the sofa, the kitchen bench, outside, essentially anywhere that is not the bedroom. It’s amazing how unusual places can instantly spice up your sex life. Don’t be shy, this really works & breeds sexual spontaneity.

Role playing

Dressing up and acting as your favorable persona (or perhaps your partners) always adds excitement and variety to your sex life. You just have to imagine a super hero or wild west romp in and around the bedroom to understand how much fun and sex it has the potential to generate. SexEstore stock a range of costumes to purchase.

Spend the night in a hotel

Treating yourselves by getting away changes everything. There are no household chores or distractions to take you mind off your task at hand, that is having great sex! Checking into a hotel and pampering yourselves is a great way to add some spark to your erotic relationship. There are hotels everywhere & one suited to everyone’s budget. The only question is what should you pack in your overnight bag!

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