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Junk In My Trunk

Junk in my trunk - anal sex

Anal Sex, once seen as taboo and never spoken of outside the bedrooms of the sexually adventurous has now become commonplace in many of our sex lives. The act of engaging in anal sex can be an amazingly sensual and pleasurable activity to undertake either alone or with your loved one(s).

Keep calm and have anal sexFirstly, anal sex isn’t just about penetration and can be combined with many other complementary sexual activities. Vaginal sex, masturbation, oral sex, nipple play and just about any other sexual activity you can think of can be performed simultaneously. Anal sex play can form part of your foreplay, be another chapter to your sexual playtime or the main event to your encounter. You are limited only by your imagination, stamina and the number of hands/sex toys you have.

Anal Sex For Men

Men (both straight and gay) form a great portion of the anal sex participation rate and this is most probably due to an amazing male erogenous zone known as the the P-Spot. The P-Spot (sometimes referred as the Male G-Spot) is located about 7-8 cm inside the anus and when massaged can derive immense sexual pleasure including powerful and intense orgasms. P-Spot massaging can be performed either solo or during sex with your sexual partner with a variety of tools.

Strap on dildos can be an amazingly fun way for a man to be penetrated by their partner. The wearer can target the P-Spot for maximum pleasure and regulate their strokes as required. Alternatively there is a vast selection of hand held sex toys you can use, specifically designed to bring you and/or your partner maximum satisfaction during anal sex (many of the popular types are listed below).

Anal Sex For Women

The popularity of anal sex  with women is also increasing dramatically. Although there is no P-Spot to focus on (however some authorities do claim there is a smaller female P-Spot called a Skene) anal sex for women can still be an immensely pleasurable experience, especially when combined with vaginal stimulation.

The use of a strap on dildo makes for a fulfilling take on standard sex, as the vagina and anus can be penetrated simultaneously (known as double penetration).  Without a strap on the penis can be inserted into your preferred orifice allowing for the other orifice to be stimulated with your favourite sex toy or perhaps a skillful hand. With so many different penetration options available you have numerous variations to explore at your finger tips.

butt plugsButt Plugs

Butt plugs tend to be everybody’s first anal toy which is probably due to the sheer variety of sizes and types on offer. Sliding in a Butt Plug during foreplay or while engaged in sex can be an immensely fun and pleasurable experience.

Cock Ring Butt Plug – Being a combination of a butt plug and a cock ring these simple yet amazing devices provide all the lasting benefits of a cock ring as well as delivering stimulation to the perineum region and anus.

Vibrating Butt Plug – A standard butt plug on steroids. This teeth-chattering variety introduces the addition of vibrations to the butt plug pleasure experience.

Inflatable Butt Plug – If you enjoy the feeling of being filled these butt plugs are right up your alley. They expand at the squeeze of their hand held pumps to any size you desire.

Fashion Butt Plug – These butt plugs perform the function of a regular plug as well as bring a little bit of fashion to the bedroom. They can take the form of a bunny, fox or horse tail or display an elegant gem to your behind.

anal beadsAnal Beads

These little bulbs of pleasure connected together in a line have proven to a be winning combination for centuries and are a common item in many bedroom toy boxes. Anal beads are very effective at massaging the anal walls and gently open and close the sphincter muscles as you move them in and out, which proves to be a very pleasurable experience. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and varieties including vibrating options.

One very popular method of use is to insert the Anal Beads during sex or masturbation and remove all at once at the point of climax to produce an amazingly powerful orgasm. They are suitable for men and women alike.

anal prostate stimulatorsAnal Stimulators

The Anal Stimulator, also known as the P-Spot massager, is designed to stimulate the prostate (P-Spot) and perineum zones. They can achieve amazing orgasms and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials including vibrating options (some even with dual motors and remote controls). You are sure to be left with a broad smile on your face with these pleasure devices which can be used solo or with your partner.

Are you new to P-Spot massaging or perhaps wanting to learn more? Discover all the in and outs of prostate massaging here.

strap onsStrap on Dildos

Designed for you and your partner to enjoy together, strap on dildos can be fantastic fun and are a highly effective form of sexual penetration wherever and whenever it is needed. Strap on dildos come in different types and can be worn by both men and women. Some of the types include double penetration, 2-way, hollow (length, girth and stamina enhancing), vibrating and even glow in the dark.

Browse the sexEstore range of strap on dildos to see the available models and discover the strap on that can easily be inserted into your own bedroom routine.

dildos and dongsDildos and Dongs

Perhaps the very first and probably the most iconic sex toy of them all is the Dildos and Dongs. Dildos are excellent tools for sexual penetration thus making them very effective for anal sex and can be used solo or with your partner. Dildos are available in a vast range of sizes, styles and types. If you are just starting out perhaps begin small and work your way up (Dongs go right up to HUGE in size which do require some experience) .

The sexEstore range of dildos and dongs has many options, sizes and materials to choose from.

anal douchesDouches

Perhaps the major obstacle to many wanting to try anal sex is the fear of making a mess or experiencing an unpleasant odour. This can be quickly and easily eliminated by taking the time to implement a simple bit of preparation. Anal Douches are used to provide an intensive clean for the anal passage before sex to ensure that you will have a clean, fresh anal sex experience. They are quick and easy to use and many people also enjoy the process of using an Anal Douche in the shower before sex.

Options among the different types include various sized nozzles and reservoirs. Browse the sexEstore range of Anal Douches and choose one for yourself.

Above all else don’t just take our word for it. Plan your own intimate anal session and couple it with your own sexual likes and preferences. Always use plenty of lube and remember we have all the Anal Sex Toys in the sexEstore you will ever need.

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3 responses to “Junk In My Trunk”

  1. Hokey Pokey says:

    Amazing article, thanks. I’m now primed to organize my first anal adventure. Time to see what you have for me in the sexestore!

  2. Ralphy says:

    Cheers, very informative and answered a lot of my questions.

  3. Cherry says:

    I have always been curious while my husband has indicated he is too (is his words “I’m in balls deep”). I want the experience to be fresh so I think I’ll grab a douche and try it out in the shower first. Thanks sexestore for providing encouragement to the 1st timers like myself 🙂

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