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Penis Sleeves – Add inches on demand

Penis sleeves and extensions

These days penis sleeves come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and functions. They can bring a whole lot of extra fun and pleasure to your love making as well as the all important inches.

Penis sleeves are generally thought of as a sex tool to assist men with smaller than average penises to which they are very effective devices. In our sexual world where many of us are of the opinion that ‘bigger is better’ and fantasize regularly about experiencing that big cock sex, penis sleeves can accommodate these desires and provide instant inches on demand.

What isn’t commonly discussed and what we would like to emphasize though is that penis sleeves are also an amazing sex toy that do a whole lot more than just adding inches. Today’s penis sleeves come in all manner of shapes and sizes and can deliver immense fun and pleasure into your sex life. Many incorporate cock rings into their design assisting to produce rock hard erections and hold themselves in place during those energetic moments. Some sport vibrating bullets that unleash powerful waves of pleasure to both partners during sex. Additional features that can be found on select penis sleeves include clitoris ticklers, perennial massagers, vaginal ticklers, anal probes and dual penetration strap ons.

Now that you’re clued into the varieties and possibilities that the penis sleeves can bring to your sexual encounters let’s take a look at some available and differing models.

Penis Sleeve with cock ringPenis Sleeve with cock ring

The SONO NO. 18 – DONG EXTENSION is top shelf in the world of Penis Sleeves and looks and feels amazing on. It will extend your length an additional 35mm and will fatten you up to 52mm in circumference. It has a realistic shape, comes in clear, grey and black colours and has a fantastic cock ring built into its design.

The cock ring is generously wide, made from soft TPE, making it comfortable to wear and holds the penis sleeve in place even in the friskiest circumstances. As a lover of cock rings I have to say that this is my favourite. The built in cock ring helps to keep you turned on and rock hard for the entirety of your encounter. The cock ring stretches over your balls with a minimum of fuss without any snapping. Being able to see my engorged member through the clear material was also a bonus.

***Earns a sexEstore recommendation.

Penis Sleeve with vibrationsPenis Sleeve with vibrations

The RENEGADE MANACONDA is a beast among the penis sleeves. It measures in at 7.2″ in length and has a realistic shape complete with smooth circumcised head and a veiny shaft that feels amazing. It has a built in harness that stretches around the balls to support them nicely, ensuring the device remains in place and helps to keep you hard.

The main feature of course it the Manconda’s engine – a vibrating bullet located at the base of the penis sleeve. The powerful bullet sends vibrations right through the penis sleeve ensuring both partners enjoy the vibrating sensations during sexual play.

Available in Black, Flesh and Clear colours. Batteries are included so it’s ready to rumble right out of the pack.

Penis Sleeve with cock cagePenis Sleeve – Cock Cage

The FANTASY X-TENSIONS VIBRATING CLIMAX CAGE is a fantastic penis sleeve that combines a cock cage and vibrating bullet together to deliver mind blowing orgasms. The cage does not provide any additional length but surrounds your cock in an open lattice framework that effectively delivers the bullet’s vibrations throughout your entire shaft and anything it touches.

The bullet is located at the base of the penis sleeve and allows it to pump wave after wave of powerful vibrations directly into the clitoris or perennial zone. The Cock Cage can be used both solo or with your partner, with the same explosive results.

Penis Sleeve with Anal ProbePenis Sleeve with Anal Probe

The SONO NO. 19 – DONG EXTENSION is another top shelf Penis Sleeve from the SONO manufacturer who are known for the quality of their products. An all encompassing penis sleeve with anal stimulator design done exquisitely well. Available in Grey, Clear and Black colours.

A realistic smooth head and textured veiny shaft ends with a wide, comfortable ball strap that easily keeps the device in place and delivers 35mm of additional length. Again the ball strap provides assistance with your erection and places your balls nicely. The anal stimulator, due to its physical connection to the base of the penis shaft, is manipulated with your thrusting. This brings about an amazing duopoly of pleasure during sex.

So as you can see you can’t just measure the world of Penis Sleeves in inches. With the sheer variety of functions, purpose and design in today’s Penis Sleeves they are truly a stand alone sex toy in their own right. And what an amazingly pleasurable sex toy they are too. But don’t just take my word for it  jump into the sexEstore store and grab yours today.

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  1. TimTom says:

    These are really amazing and fun to use. My partner and I are so glad we bought one. Can’t recommend enough!

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