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Popular sex toys

Any conversation in regards to your favourite sex toy is generally kept under the covers or takes place as a quiet chat between lovers or best friends. As this pillow talk is not often shared we have done our research and crunched the data in order to answer the questions of where and what sex toys are the most popular.

If we start at the beginning the first recorded retail sex toy was offered up in the then fashionable Sears Home Catalog in 1918. It was a vibrator discretely advertised in the home appliance section. Thankfully today with many progressive social revolutions under our belt sex toys are now widely accepted in most cultures right across the globe. They can be easily obtained and are simply viewed as the natural extension of our sexual activities.

The inclusion of sex toys into our bedroom lives has never been greater and their increased popularity can be seen through the significant growth of the market in recent years. The sex toy industry is now worth as much as US $15 Billion in annual sales and continues to grow.

With up to 92% of all sex toys purchases being online we are able to use online statistics to gather a clear understanding where people are searching as well as determine what they are choosing to purchase.

Sex Toy Popularity By Country

Through data mining we we have put together a Sex toy searches by country table showing which countries search for sex toys the most. There are no surprises here that the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with their liberal views and free thinking appear in the top ten.

Do however take a look at Trinidad and Tobago and also Jamaica. I know which tropical paradises I want to holiday at next! Sex toys are also hugely popular in South Africa and the Czech Republic leads Eastern Europe coming in at #10.

A notable point to add also is that Sri Lanka is a small island country just off the coast of India and sex toys are banned in India. Interestingly enough there is no sign of the sexually adventurous Dutch or amorous French.

Sex toy searches by country Volume index
1 United States 100
2 United Kingdom 84
3 South Africa 75
4 Trinidad and Tobago 74
5 Canada 72
6 New Zealand 71
7 Australia 69
8 Jamaica 61
9 Sri Lanka 61
10 Czech Republic 52

Popularity By Sex Toy Type

Data mining the Most popular sex toy purchased reveals vibrators, dildos and/or dongs and personal lube coming in as hugely popular, making up almost 50% of all online sex toy sales. This is a far greater market share of vibrators/dildos than even we had anticipated. No surprise was the popularity of the cock rings and masturbation devices (they are always very popular in the sexEstore).

Anal beads and strap-ons suggest to us that anal sex (still taboo in some religious cultures) continues to grow in popularity and is now widely enjoyed by many around the world.

Of course you can also really see the influence that “Fifty Shades Of Grey” has had on the sex toy market with 3 of the last 4 places being bondage type sex toys.

Most popular sex toy purchased Percent of sales
1 Vibrator 19.2 %
2 Dildos and/or Dongs 16 %
3 Personal Lubricant / Lube 14 %
4 Anal Beads 12 %
5 Cock Rings 11.8 %
6 Masturbation devices 8.5 %
7 Bondage Masks 5 %
8 Harness / Strap-On Penis 4 %
9 Furry Handcuffs 3 %
10 Bondage Gear 2 %

Expensive sex toy

Most Sought After Sex Toys

If by popular you are perhaps referring to the highly sought after and/or exclusive sex toys, rather than the toys everybody is using, you may feel drawn to this. The Royal Pearl is a dildo created by the Australian jeweler Colin Burn. It is made from platinum and encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and pearls. Retailing at a cool US $1 Million it firmly sits well outside of my sex toy budget.

If there was ever a sex toy fit for royalty with its crown design this would certainly be it.

50 Shades of greyMost Popular Sex Toy Trend

There is no denying that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon is responsible for the recent massive popularity in bondage sex toys. It is reported by some industry heavyweights that the Fifty Shades frenzy has been the catalyst for an increase of over 50 percent in bondage toy sales globally.

The romantic novel has really managed to hit the spot with so many fans world wide and is certainly the biggest sex toy trend we have ever seen.

With the recent release of the erotic franchise’s second film it continues to be hugely popular and influential by introducing alternative sexual practices and experimentation into many bedrooms world wide.


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2 responses to “The Popular Sex Toys”

  1. Ron says:

    Well have at least half of the toys on that list already so I must be doing something right! Nice article BTW, very interesting to know the trends and behaviors. Thanks

  2. Rachael says:

    Wow it appears that the 50 shades revolution has really got everyone giddy with bondage. Might have to grab some basic gear and surprise the husband (He’s always up for anything).

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