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Rubber Dub Dub. A Condom Conversation


We know what a condom is, right? A sheath-like covering of thin rubber worn on the penis or in the vagina. We know why we use them, don’t we?  To prevent conception or infection during sexual intercourse. Then why do as many as three out of four people use them incorrectly?

Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. That’s a big deal. So perhaps it’s a good idea to avoid common errors and ensure their proper use or else you may have unexpected baby or health issues as a consequence. Here are some handy tips to avoid those condom conundrums:

condomsUse a condom

Sounds obvious, but not using a condom guarantees the chance of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Prevention is better than cure as they say. As well as sex toys we stock a range of condoms at sexEstore.

Get consent

Leave last minute surprises outside of the bedroom and talk to your partner ahead of time to agree to condom use.

Check for damage

Look for holes or tears. Easy to do when feverishly ripping open the packet with your teeth or fingernails!

Check the expiration date

Regular condoms last up to 5 years and 2 years for those with spermicide. Latex breaks down over time, so don’t use a condom that is brittle or sticky.

Put it on early

Apply the condom before penetration as sperm can release before orgasm, increasing risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Put it on correctly

Avoid putting on a condom inside-out by checking that the bottom edge is rolled up, not under. And squeeze the tip to vacate air and allow space for sperm.

Breakage during sex

A large proportion of condom breakage is due to user error, not defective materials. Avoid oil-based lubricants and instead opt for water-based or silicone lubricants which are gentler to latex. As well as sex toys we stock a range of lubricants at sexEstore.

Slippage during sex

Possibly due to the wrong size condoms. Buy different sizes and styles to see which suits best.

Premature removal of the condom

Commonly associated with men who lose an erection. However, ejaculation can occur without an erection, which again increases the risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Condom, contraceptive, french letter, johnny, rubber, sheath, raincoat, prophylactic. Whatever you call it, it’s way too important to dismiss as “too difficult”. You can have all the fun without the risks. What’s better than that?

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