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Traditional role play allows you to adopt another person’s character, actions or attitudes in a pretend scenario in order to recognise their viewpoint. Yawn. Sexual role play allows you to do the same thing – erotically!  Yay!!

cowboy role playWhat is sexual role play?

Sexual role play can be a means to overcome sexual inhibitions by acting out fantasies in couples or groups. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish, scripted or impromptu, costumed or nude!

In this blog we deal with person to person role play, but it should be noted that sexual role play can also be achieved remotely via letter, telephone call, the internet or email.

What does sexual role play involve?

Roles and scenarios are limited only by your imagination and may involve anything considered sexual including obedience or passiveness. BDSM role play involves dominant and submissive behavior where the dominant participant is in control of the submissive partner.

Can you give some role examples?

Interactive roles could include a handyman and home occupant; doctor and/or nurse and/or patient; masseur and client; teacher and student; company executive and secretary; motorist and hitchhiker; stripper and client; photographer and model; fireman and trapped person; escort and client or master and slave.

Can you give some scenario examples?

Scenarios could include taking the role of another gender; acting a different age; being treated as an animal; misbehaving, or dressing in uniform, and being subjected to an authoritarian or disciplinarian figure; being a family member (incest play) or being a torturer or captive prisoner.

How do I go about it?

The role- choose a role that you can identify and feel comfortable with and this will help you form a bond with the character. What turns you on – or off? What drives you to ecstasy? Do you want to be a passive or dominant character?

The scenario – start with a basic scenario then flesh out the details to make it more believable to you and more relevant to your sexual desires.

Dress it up – wearing costumes is not only fun but also enhances the fantasy by visually reinforcing the roles you are playing. And dressing in costume also means you can undress in costume which can certainly enhance the role play! To help you dress up you can select from a full range of costumes and lingerie at sexEstore.

Accessories – don’t break the illusion by having to rummage around for those forgotten adult aids and essentials. Be prepared in advance and stock up at sexEstore for all your requirements, including vibrators, cock rings, strap-ons,  bondage gear and condoms and lube to name a few.

Rules and boundaries – decide on rules and boundaries to which everybody adheres and respects. Are there some things that you definitely do or don’t want to do?  How far are you prepared to go? Importantly, decide on a safe-word if things get a little out of hand or you need a break.

The climax

Sexual role play is all about HAVING FUN. Once all participants have successfully laid down the ground rules and agreed on roles, scenarios, costumes and boundaries then all that is left is to let your minds (and bodies) run free!

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