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With the world of dildos and dongs so populated and competitive it’s always been a difficult task to choose a clear leader from the crowd; that is until now. A stand out range of dual density dildos and dongs from the king of American-made rubber, King Cock – Pipedream have firmly filled that tight sought after spot.

The art of making dildos and dongs have come a long way from its origins when crude wooden models can be traced as far back as ancient Greece and beyond. Of course today manufacturers employ modern molding techniques to produce a vastly different product.

What is Dual Density?

Pipedream use an extremely innovative process to create it’s King Cock Plus Dual Density dildos.  This process combines two or more materials of differing densities that produces one dildo which has a firm yet flexible core on the inside while being covered in a life like skin on the outside.
This Dual Density process achieves an incredibly realistic product that looks, feels and behaves just like the real thing. The firm inner core provides a realistic weight and bounce while the soft skin stretches and slips just like a real erect penis (trademarked as ‘Fanta Flesh’).
Pipedream even take this obsession with authenticity a step further and hand finish all of their King Cock dildos. This hand made tack has the effect of producing an amazing level of realism and brings to life the veins, ridges, glans and balls (if relevant) to life.

dildos without ballsdildos with balls

The King Cock Range

The King Cock Plus Dual Density collection consists of 5 styles/sizes without balls and 7 styles/sizes with balls (as pictured on the right). Sizes range from 6″ right up to 12″ and includes a double penetration option. All of course harbor the amazing super realism properties that come with any dildo from Pipedream’s Dual Density King Cock range. You’ll find them all in the sexEstore!

All King Cock Dual Density dildos possess a powerful suction-cup base that sticks to nearly any smooth, flat surface and ensures that each dildo is harness-compatible for strap-on fun. All King Cock products are made from high grade (TPE), produced in the USA, phthalate-free, latex-free and completely body-safe.

So there you have it; with the release of these dual density dildos Pipedream strongly push ahead of the other competitive brands. The quality and ultra realism from this range is simply undeniable and once you’ve experienced a dual density dong you won’t be reaching for your old ones again; they just can’t compare. Don’t take our word for it though, grab yourself one from the sexEstore range and feel the difference.

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