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Which Sex Toy Should I Choose?

which sex toy should i choose

Millions of sex toys are sold globally every year, however deciding on one from the enormous available range can be a mind boggling experience. There are literally thousands of sex toys on offer and all suggest they will bring you amazing orgasms and sexual pleasure. Some are quite simple in their design and do not require too much explanation to get our heads around while others can be a tad more complex. As sex toy retailers we’ve seen and tested an enormous array of sex toys and happily lend our experience to assist you in your sex toy purchase.

Although it was quite a while ago now I can still recall when I myself was looking for my very first sex toy. I remember the amount of choice available to me was very exciting but also somewhat exhausting. It took a great deal of of time to filter and research all available options in order to be able to make an informed decision. To save you time and assist you in navigating the over populated world of sex toys we have created a list of the most popular options below. Remember sex toys will not only assist you to improve your sexual performance but can also lead to amazing solo play or become an exciting sexy ingredient with your partner.

personal lubricant lubePersonal Lubricant (Lube)

Not a sex toy as such but you will use lube with just about every sex toy you buy. It reduces friction, increases sensations and helps everything slip and slide just where you want it to. Lube comes in a variety of different types (water based, silicone, flavoured, warming, cooling etc) with water based being the most popular and watermelon flavoured my personal favourite. Water based lube is safe to use with all toys while silicone is longer lasting but not suitable to use with silicone toys or condoms.

SexEstore Lube Pick: Adam & Eve Personal Flavoured Lubricant -Watermelon Flavoured (pictured)


Dildos and DongsDildos and Dongs

The humble Dildos and Dongs are a staple in any sex toy collection and many of us have chosen it for our first toy. A Dildo is a penis shaped toy that has balls, whereas Dongs are shaped like penis shafts, with no base. They come in many options, sizes and materials ranging from life like silicone Dildos to ceramic and metallic Dongs. I personally love the ultra realistic Dildos and find them a turn on to see and touch as well as insert. Dildos and Dongs can provide additional pleasurable penetration options during sex and can assist with any performance issues. They are amazing erotic fun when experienced either solo or with your partner, you can never have enough!

SexEstore Dildo and Dong Pick: The Realistic Cock – Slim 7 Inch (pictured). A life like Dildo/Dong with balls and a suction cup for hands free play.

Disco Bunny vibratorVibrators

The Vibrator is perhaps the most popular of all sex toys. Like the Dildos and Dongs it provides options for pleasurable penetration but with the added bonus of stimulating vibrations. Vibrators will generally have various settings to deliver differing strengths and modes of vibrations which are capable of producing powerful orgasms. Vibrator categories include Clitoral Vibe (mostly used externally to stimulate the clitoris region), G-Spot Vibe (designed for pleasurable penetration and G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation), Rabbit Vibe (generally consists of an insertable shaft and external clitoral stimulator), Realistic Vibe (replicates the look, feel or shape of a penis), Rechargeable (no batteries required. A very popular go anywhere option that includes multiple vibrator categories), Traditional (the original vibe type generally consisting of an insertable shaft though many variations exist these days ).

SexEstore Vibrator Pick: The Disco Bunny from Evolved (pictured). A USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator with all the bells and whistles.

Butt PlugsButt Plugs

Anal sex whether solo or with your partner can be an intensely pleasurable experience. With their popularity on the rise Butt Plugs are a fun and easy way to get involved and  experience it for yourself. They can produce amazing sexual stimulation and assist in generating massively powerful orgasms. With different sizes, materials and types available (glass, ceramic, vibrating, inflatable, duo cock rings etc) it’s best to start conservative and work your way up. Butt plugs also come in a range of ‘fashionable tails’ adding a role play element to their use.

SexEstore Butt Plug Pick: Velvet Plush – Vibrating Fulfiller (pictured). A tapered silky smooth vibrating butt plug.


anal stimulator prostate massagerAnal Stimulators

Anal Stimulators (or Prostate Massagers) are designed to stimulate the male G-spot or P-Spot (prostate) and are capable of helping to achieve mind blowing orgasms. The prostate is easily accessible located about 3 inches into the bottom cavity and when massaged can produce amazing sexual pleasure. Anal Stimulators come in both vibrating types and a variety of shapes designed specifically to stimulate the prostate. They can be effectively used either during solo play or with your partner.

SexEstore Anal Stimulator Pick: Black Door No.17 Bendable Twist (pictured). A vibrating and bendable prostate massager that ensures you hit the right spot every time.


cock ringsCock Rings

Cock rings are used to achieve better sexual performance by helping to achieve longer, harder erections while prolonging ejaculation. They come in many different types including performance enhancing, vibrating, ball stretching, cock cages and P-Spot massaging. Cock Rings can be immensely fun and enjoyable to use either during solo play or together with your partner. The vibrating types will transfer their amazing sensations to your partner when you touch. Cock Rings are such an easy, instant and satisfying pleasure boost in the bedroom and I can’t recommend them enough.

SexEstore Cock Ring Pick: Fantasy C-Ringz Rock Hard Ass-Gasm (pictured). With it’s anal probe and perineum massager this cock ring is not one of the basic varieties but it got me so amazingly hard I had to mention it.



Masturbators can elevate any masturbation session to the next pleasure level. They use a variety of textures, technologies and eroticism to deliver you a knee shaking orgasm. There are many options and brands for you to choose from including sleeves, vacuums, vibrating and powered devices. These are great fun to use solo, but they are also even more fun to use with a partner. You’ll be amazed how easily the equipment can bring about an intensely more pleasurable masturbation experience. Make certain you have an adequate supply of lube before settling into a long pleasure session.

SexEstore Masturbator Pick: Perfect Stroke On The Go (pictured). Comes with a carry case and sucks and strokes your penis.

Toy Cleaners

Lastly, but certainly not least, consider purchasing some quality Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. If used regularly they will keep your new best friends in tip top condition, extend their life span and ensure they are always ready action.

SexEstore Toy Cleaner Pick: Climax Bursts Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Easy to use pop top.

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