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The Bare Essentials

The bare essentials - mens underwear

With the amazing success of our women’s lingerie line sexEstore has just added a sexy range of Men’s Underwear to the line up. We call it the Bare Essentials!

Whether you’re buying for yourself or your partner there is no denying the role that underwear plays in our romantic lives. Men’s underwear has the ability to instantly set the mood of any adult encounter and makes us feel sexy and frisky simply just by wearing it. It also is the ultimate package-enhancing item; able to lift, position, hold and support everything ensuring the all important goods are shown off to their best potential. As they come in many shapes and styles we thought we’d run through the most popular types of Men’s Underwear for our sexEstore readers.


Once the underwear worn by athletes, the jockstrap has become a staple in any mans underwear drawer. The tantalizingly minimal and teasing style expose the butt cheeks while still keeping your equipment under wraps and in place despite what’s on your mind. The design of the jockstrap gives you a free and ready-for-anything feeling and poses no movement limitations. They can be secretly worn under business or formal attire hours before any adult encounter or be the perfect centre piece to your favourite sports star costume/role play. With it’s sexy athletic looks the jockstrap is a popular favourite of many men for good reason!

thongs or g-stringsThongs or G-Strings

The Thong or G-String is one step up in naughtiness (though some would say sexiness) from the Jockstrap. Instead of 2 side straps providing support for your package a central strap going right between your cheeks does the same job. One cannot deny the sexual nature of the Thong which was once thought to be only worn by strippers (well for men anyway, worn anywhere by women). Today the men’s Thong is much more common when dressing up sexy or any time when an adult interlude has been planned. Due to its suggestive nature it is not widely worn outside of the bedroom and you would be hard fought to find anyone sporting one in the gym locker room. A Thong in the bedroom advertises that you’re open and ready to do business!


The Jockbrief is a modern hybrid style combining the function of a jockstrap but with the form of a brief. The biggest difference in the Jockbrief style over the standard jock is the lack of elastic straps attached to the waistband and base of the front pouch. Instead of the side elastic straps and front pouch combination you’ll find standard underwear brief at the front with what is often called a ‘cutout’ in the rear. The result is the look and feel of a brief but with amazing cheeky immediate access at the back. The Jockbrief style has also proven itself to be very popular, so don’t be surprised if you encounter one in a bedroom near you.

breifsBriefs & Trunks

We are all familiar with the standard briefs and trunks underwear styles. In fact many of us have a drawer filled with them and they may be your preferred day-in day-out underwear. Of course Briefs and Trunks come in sexy varieties too and can be just as much fun to wear in the bedroom as the backless varieties. Throw a front zip into the design and you have an erotic reveal moment you will want to savour!

You’ll find these types as well as costume and novelty styles available in the sexEstore Men’s Underwear shop.

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