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The Low down on Lube

the low down on lube - personal lubricant

With so many personal lubricant options available it can be quite the slippery conundrum when trying to decide which lube is right for you. SexEstore run through each different type and give you the low down on personal lubricant.

Trying to figure out if this lube is compatible to use with those toys or condoms really doesn’t add to the passion of that sexy moment with your loved one. Who would of thought the world of lube could be so complex. Don’t fear as we wade through the popular varieties of lube below and put you in the know!

Wicked aqua lubeWater based lubricants

The most common type of lube available is water based lube which is extremely easy to use and clean up. They are safe to use with silicone sex toys, latex condoms and just about anything you choose to include into your play time really.  Water based lubes are not long lasting and may require frequent applications during your session (so keep the bottle at arms lengths reach). If regular application is used they do a good job at lubricating all necessary parts but can feel a bit sticky or tacky.  Water based lube are not as effective in wet areas such as the bath or shower as they wash away easily in water. Our recommendation for a good water based lube is the Wicked Aqua. A 100% water based personal lubricant that feels more like a smooth silicone based lube.

Pjur Basic Silicone LubeSilicone based lubricants

The longest lasting of all the lubes is the silicone based variety. They provide a light, smooth and silky feel on the skin without any tackiness. Due to their seemingly ever lasting slipperiness silicone based lubes are fantastic for anal sex and are safe to use with latex condoms. Silicone based lubes are water resistant and can be used in wet areas like the shower or bath. Washing up is not as quick and easy though and generally requires soap and water to clean up after your play time. You should also avoid using silicone based lube with silicone sex toys (which is a vast majority of sex toys) as the lube can permeate and degrade the silicone in the toy. Our recommendation for a good silicone based lubricant is the Pjur Basic Silicone.

Oil based lubricants

These are not off the shelf personal lubricants you see in stores but a lube none the less. Oil based lubes include things like baby, coconut, and olive oil to list just a few. They are readily accessible (live in most peoples kitchens) and can be great for people people who are allergic to the glycols and parabens used in water and silicone based lubes. They do however harbor micro organisms and users should thoroughly wash after use to avoid any risk of infection. Oil based lubricants should also never be combined with latex condoms as they will permeate and degrade the condom rendering it ineffective.

water melon flavoured lubeFlavoured lubricants

These are definitely the most fun variety in the wonderful world of lube. Flavoured lubes are almost always water based and of course non toxic. Not only will they let you effortlessly slip and slide during your play time with ease but they will make everything taste great too. An amazing way to encourage and experience an oral exploration of each other. As not everybody wants a taste sensation every time the pants come off perhaps a lube variety for special occasions. They come in many different flavours to try (too many to list here) however water melon is at the top of my taste buds list and that been said my recommendation is of course for the Juicy Watermelon Flavoured Edible Massage Oil.

Novelty lubricants

These include varieties such as warming, cooling and desensitizing lubes. As their names suggest they can add additional sensations (or numbing with the desensitizing varieties) to you love making practices. Novelty lubes are extremely popular with some folks but to be honest are not my cup of tea. I prefer to use an ice cube or warm cup of coffee to introduce sensations of temperature into the bedroom. Therefore I do not recommend any of the novelty lubes but don’t let that stop you if they compliment your style of play.

lube personal lubricantWhy limit yourself to one

Ultimately it is you that will decide what lube is the best fit for your sexual practices. Perhaps it’s a smooth, sensual and long lasting silicone based lube or a fun, frisky and flavoured water based lube. Of course there are no rules and you do not have to limit yourself to one particular type of lubricant. Why not buy several and choose the most appropriate one when you embark on your next sexual adventure.

This information should give you a good understanding of the lube varieties that are available to you and which would be most suited to your sex life. If you base your selection on the sexual activities you regularly take part in you can’t go wrong.

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