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The tools of Gladiators


What do you get when you combine a vibrating cock ring, penis sheath, perennial massager and throw in a wireless remote control? A mind blowing amazing sexual experience is the answer!

Adrien Lastic GladiatorThe Gladiator from Adrien Lastic

The Gladiator Sleeve is the latest and the greatest pleasure toy from the renown Adrien Lastic sex toy manufacturers. Consisting of a powerful vibrating cock ring, penis sheath, perennial massager and wireless remote control you’d be excused to assume it was 3 separate toys in itself. Just imagine this sexual fusion for a moment.

The Gladiator Sleeve can be used both solo and in M/F & M/M couples making it a marvelously versatile sex toy and one you will get a great deal of use and pleasure from. The Gladiator creates unique, breath-taking climaxes for couples with its clitoris, prostate, anal, and shaft stimulation.

A cock ring holding the balls and keeping the penis rock hard,  a silicone sheath embracing much of the penis shaft length and a ridged perennial massager working its magic on the clit or perennial region. All this of course as wave after wave of pleasurable vibrations stream through every part of the device and all controlled of course by a wireless remote. I’m breathless just thinking about it and I haven’t even unboxed it yet!

adrien lastic gladiator diagram

The Tools Of Gladiators

The clitoral-teasing extension has an intensely ribbed texture with a triple, open-blind shape to provide extra ecstasy for your partner. The cockring and thick penis sheath provides an ultimate sensation for him. To use the Gladiator simply slip the penis head through the long, soft sleeve, then slowly slide his entire shaft through by stretching the flexible, elastic ring around his width. Next, gently glide the testicles through the lower cock ring and adjust as needed for superior comfort. An amazing bit of kit, take it from me you will be in for the ride of your life with this bad boy!

The Gladiator has 10 ultra-intense, yet quiet vibration modes provided by the two powerful motors. For solo play simply flip the toy around and use the small, vibrating end for prostate stimulation instead of clitoral seduction. The super-silky silicone skin is soft-to-the-touch and can go anywhere with you as is 100% waterproof.

At this point your probably looking for a downside for this powerhouse toy however there just isn’t one. With only 90 minutes recharge via USB for 40 minutes play time it can keep up with the best of us.

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  1. Georgy Boy says:

    What an amazing bit of apparatus this is. All ordered! Can’t wait till it arrives…

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