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Why You Should Masturbate Tonight

Masturbation Health Benefits

We’ve all heard the rumors that too much masturbation will give you hairy palms or make you go blind. In actual fact these medieval wives tales could not be further from the truth. Scientific study has proven that masturbating is not only 100% safe while giving instant sexual satisfaction but also delivers some amazing health benefits to you as well.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) 78% of all Americans over the age 14 say that they have masturbated. Further to this a recent online study suggests that 27% of all Americans masturbate at least 1 or 2 times a week. Not a bad percentage, but wait until it’s spelled out what the actual benefits of masturbation are and, if not already doing so, you may convert to a 1 or 2 times a day person too!

Masturbation can prevent prostate cancer

An Australian study has concluded that men who ejaculate more than five times a week were 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Although ejaculating 5 times a week or more doesn’t have to include masturbation, for most of us it would make up most of that weekly count.

Given that all men are at risk of developing prostate cancer, and about one in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, there is no reason not to increase your rate of masturbation. It may actually save your life!

It helps to keep you hard

As we all inevitably gain a little more experience in life some things are not always as hard as they once were. Masturbating will assist you to sustain and maintain an erection during other activities when you entertain the company of others. In fact regular masturbation will not only train you to keep your penis rock hard but also work out your pelvic floor muscles, which further prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

It helps you to last longer

Regular masturbation helps you to develop greater control over your ejaculations and can significantly boost your sexual performance with your partner. A popular form of masturbating is known as ‘Edging’ whereby you stroke almost to the point of orgasm and then back down before continuing again.

This method of taking it to the brink and back is not only incredibly pleasurable but over time can significantly increase your sexual stamina. We found resources online that suggested a doubling of your hard time could be accomplished in a month of regular ‘Edging’ practice. Time to start (and stop) your masturbation program now.

It boosts your immune system

The act of ejaculation will trigger an increased level of the hormone Cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a natural hormone made by the body’s adrenal glands and assists to boost and maintain your immune system, helps manage stress, maintains blood pressure and assists the body’s anti-inflammatory processes. Just another amazing masturbation health benefit well within your grasp!

MasturbatingIt makes you feel good

We’re not just talking about the sexy solo session you’re participating in by the way.

Masturbation releases a wonderful combination of neurochemicals in the brain that includes dopamine and oxytocin with the effect of making you feel good,  place you in a better mood for a period thereafter, boost your levels of sexual satisfaction and even assist with depression. In fact an orgasm is probably the biggest non-drug dose of dopamine that your body can get.

With such powerful, accessible and free mood enhancers available to you why wouldn’t you make a fist of it!


With the real health benefits of masturbation including less likelihood of developing prostate cancer, increased sexual stamina/performance, a healthy immune system and feeling good all in easy reach of our finger tips, it’s a wonder we are not all working our favourite pleasure tool into an orgasmic frenzy every chance we can get and at the very least discussing these matters more honestly and openly in our communities. Perhaps it’s our busy lifestyles or maybe religious and social attitudes that have tended to label this sexual practice as immoral.

Of course being the fun and fresh sexEstore we have all you need and more to implement your new sexual health plan with our extensive range of Masturbators and Lube.

Given the facts about the amazing benefits of masturbation are beginning to stack up we’d like to think that many more men will be painting the proverbial ceiling and enjoying the subsequent boosts to their health.

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3 responses to “Why You Should Masturbate Tonight”

  1. Brodey says:

    Thanks for the info and masturbation encouragement, it’s awesome to know. I’ve tossed the salad already once today and plan to do the same before bedtime.

  2. Ross says:

    Wow, who knew! I’m a once a day kinda guy and intend to keep it up (pun indended). Nice to know about the benefits though 🙂

  3. BlazingBarney says:

    Yup always knew my mother was wrong when I failed to grow hair on my palms due to my excessive masturbating. Seriously though great tip for prostate cancer prevention, it’s a common and serious issue in men today.

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